But it works on my PC!

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The best way to enjoy Build on the road.

The way most big conferences manage to virtually live stream everything is very impressive. I started watching the stream of yesterdays Microsoft Build keynote on the office’s big projection screen with everyone else at Black Marble. I have always said the best way to enjoy a keynote is on the comfy sofa with a beer at the end of the day. So much better than an early queue then a usually over air conditioned hall with 10,000 close friends.

Unfortunately I had to leave about 1 hour into the keynote, so fired up my Lumia 800 Window 7.8 phone (yes an older one, but I like the size) and hit the Channel 9 site. This picked up the stream, just in the browser, and I was able to listen to the rest of the session via 3G whilst travelling home, I of course made sure the screen was off as I was driving. It was seamless.

Clever what this technology stuff can do now isn’t it

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