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More fun with Windows 8 Media Center

Signal Strength

Since upgrading my Media Center PC to Windows 8, on the same hardware, I have seen that it seems to perform better that on Windows 7. However some channels seem to be dropping out, the usual digital pixilation or a message saying no signal (but often with some audio).

As I had not changed any hardware I though this strange, but I have always seemed to have a borderline signal strength even though I can see my local terrestrial transmitter, it is about 15 miles away in direct line of sight. After a bit of reading on the subject I found that my signal booster may be the issue, amplifying the noise and not the signal (seems you should only use masthead amps for digital). This was a hangover from my old flat with an awful signal. Once this was removed from the system my problems appear to have gone away. However, as I did not see the issue all the time I will wait a while before declaring it a complete success.

Where did my EPG go?

More irritating is the fact that the EPG for my HD channels has disappeared. This could well be down to fact Microsoft appear to have switched off the EPG service from Red Bee. MCE can get EPG for Freeview channels via the TV broadcast, but it seems not for HD (or cable or satellite which I don’t have).

Hopefully Microsoft will see sense and get this re-enabled, I don’t want to really have to jump through the hoop on the greenbutton.

I does worry me that this is a signal that MCE is being killed. I know it has not taken off as a main stream product, but I still prefer it to any set top box I have owned.

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