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Drivers needed on my Lenovo W520 with Windows 8 RP

I posted recently on running Win8 RP on my Lenovo W520, well a few days on it is still working fine. I have adopted by usual practice of installing as few hardware vendor drivers/tool as possible, as I tend to find these make matters worse  most of the time. However, I as expected I could not only rely on just what came with Windows 8.

  • On installing Windows the only device not discovered was the single device ‘Intel Chipset’, this needed the Intel Chipset Support driver
  • I noticed today that when on my docking station my speakers did not work. I expected to have to install the Lenovo provided audio drivers, but a check for ‘updated drivers’ on the audio device in device manager got the right ones from Windows Update.
  • The fingerprint reader just work had to do nothing other than enrol my fingerprint in Control Panel –> Biometics, and unlike with the Lenovo version of the UI I had on Windows 7, I can now user a fingerprint to elevate my privileges via UAC. One issue seem to be the green LED by the reader does not light up, but as it works I can live with that.

I will report more things I need to do as I find them.

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  • Tobias Zimmergren

    8/29/2012 6:25:33 PM |


    Have you tried using the Windows 8 Beta drivers from Lenovo?
    I've recently installed the W520 beta drivers and so far so good.


  • Claus Rasmussen

    10/3/2012 1:19:31 PM |

    I have been using Windows 8 on my W520 for a couple of weeks now and beside some devices still don't work (mobile broadband, power management and card reader) everything looks fine. I tried to install the latest nVidia driver but then the machine crashed big time and i had i hard time getting it up and running again. And from time to time the machine freezes in boot but this is solved be a starting over again.

    Looking forward to the release of the final drivers, just cant understand why they want to wait until official release.... This sucks, Lenovo.

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