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You do that that PS2 keyboard on that old PC, not a USB one

Whilst using DBAN to clean down some very old PCs for disposal to new homes at good causes I hit a stupid gotcha.

I booted off the DBAN CDRom but could not continue beyond the first screen as it did not detect I had pressed the return key.

Turns out the PCs were so old that, though their BIOS allowed USB keyboards (and I could enter setup and edit BIOS settings with a USB keyboard) the Linux kernel on the CDRom could not detect them. Once I switched to an old PS2 keyboard it all worked fine.

I found the same problem when putting Ubuntu onto same PCs; during the install I had to use a PS2 keyboard, but once the install completed it was perfectly happy with a USB keyboard.

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  • Andy Barratt

    5/10/2012 1:09:28 PM |

    I can't believe I just saw the words, Linux kernel and Ubuntu in the same post on here Smile

  • richard

    5/10/2012 1:18:11 PM |

    Why not?

    If I am giving an old PC away to a charity or the like, I think it is important to make sure it

    1. works
    2. has legal licenses
    3. has enough on them to be useful to people who don't have IT department, just switch on and go

    So given these constraints, Ubuntu is perfect for a bit of web browsing, Libre Office is great for general office jobs and pop Eclipse on and they can do  development in a host of languages.

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