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Release of Black Marble’s WP7 TFS Phone Explorer

Over the weekend we have released Black Marble’s WP7 TFS Phone client to the WP7 Marketplace.


This app allows the user of a WP7 phone to access their TFS server to perform common operations. They can:

  • See recent builds and drill into the results
  • Queue new builds
  • View and add work items

This client talks via a custom web service to a TFS 2008 or 2010 server, which are available from Black Marble. But if you just want a quick look to see what it can do we have setup a demo web service so you can trial the application, just use the default account details stored in the application. These are 

  • UID demo
  • PWD demo
  • DOMAIN demo
  • URL https://tfssample.blackmarble.co.uk/tfs/tfs/tfsservice.svc

So if you have WP7 and TFS why not download the trial version and have a look at it? Just search the market place for Black Marble and TFS Phone Explorer or try the marketplace deep link. We are interested to hear your thoughts

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  • Andrew Westgarth

    4/19/2011 11:05:26 AM |

    Nice app, saw it appear in the marketplace ove the weekend, have looked at the trial with the demo account, nice design and experience and ability to raise work items on the move it great.  Willl look to getting my TFS hooked up once I buy the full version.

    Nice work!

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