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The random thoughts of Richard Fennell on technology and software development

Keeping up to date

Ours is a fast moving industry and as times goes on I find the need to specialise more and more. However, I believe there is a great value in at least having a passing knowledge of as much of our field as possible, IT pros can learn from developers and .NET team from Java and of course the other way around. 


I find the best way to try to keep abreast of new ideas is to listen to podcasts; I personally find it hard read enough blogs, but I can find time to listen to a podcast whist travelling or working around the house. Here is a list of a few I find give me at least a feel for what is going on, I still feel that they are a bit Microsoft focused, so interested to hear any other suggestions


Podcasts                             RSS  Description
.NET Rocks

Development on the .NET Platform (and the occasional random 'geek out' show)

RunAs Radio IT Pro discussion for Microsoft platforms
Herding Code General development topics on all platforms and languages


OK TFS specific, but a good discussion of new features and issues


A diverse selection of subject with a bit of a web focus

Tablet Show

All things to do with tablet and mobile development

This Developer's Life

More of a magazine show on all things about being developer, not just technology


OK TED is not IT, but often gets you thinking about something new that relates to work, always eye opening

The Bugle

The audio newspaper for the visual age