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Follow up from my session at the Black Marble Tech Update 2016

There have been some requests for more information about the areas I convered in my presentation at the Black Marble Tech Update 2016 that we held last week.

I could send out slides, but I think it is far more useful to point you at the ‘live’ resource on the Internet. The key reason for this is that the whole of the Visual Studio family is now being released at a ‘cloud cadence’ i.e. new features are appearing rapidly, so anything I write will soon be out of date. Better to look at the live sources where possible.

Hope you find these useful pointers

My DDDNorth session on Technical Debt and SonarQube

Thanks to everyone who came to my session at DDDNorth on SonarQube, hope you found it useful. The links to resources for my session are

And you can find my slides on my GitHub repo https://github.com/rfennell/Presentations

Speaking at Leeds DevOps on the 21st of July

I will be speaking at Leeds DevOps on the 21st of July on the subject of Desired State Configuration (DSC).

‘In the Windows world, due to its API based architecture, deployment is too often not as simple as copying an EXE and updating a text configuration file. Desired State Configuration is an attempt to ease the pain we suffer in this space. Providing a set of tools that can be leveraged by any set of deployment tools whether in a Windows or heterogeneous environment. In this session we will look at what DSC is, what resource are available and how to write your own’.

The event is at the The Node in Leeds, tickets are free and are available over on Eventbrite or meetup.com

May is a busy time for events

Mid May is a busy time for me presenting-wise:

  • On the 12th/13th I am presenting at Techorama in Belgium
  • And on the 14th I will be presenting at a Microsoft/GreyMatter  event at Microsoft’s Reading office.

And after that there are also the Black Marble Re:Build and Re:Ignite events. I am sure I will be involved at those, but we have to wait for a couple of week until after Build and Ignite to find out what we will be talking about.

There are spaces I think at all these events, why not have a look.