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PowerShell Summit Europe 2014

I find I am spending more time with PowerShell these days, as we aim to automated more of our releases and specifically with DSC in PowerShell 4, as I am sure many of us are

Give that fact, the PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 at the end of the month looks interesting. I only found out about it too late and I have diary clashes but might be of interest to some of you. Looks like a really good hands event.

Speaking at Gravitas’s Tech Talk #3 -

I am speaking at Gravitas’s Tech Talk #3 - "TFS & Visual Studio 2013 vs The Rest" on Tuesday march the 4th about

"Microsoft's Application Lifecycle product has had a lot of changes in the past couple of years. In this session will look at how it can be used provide a complete solution from project inception through development, testing and deployment for project both using Microsoft and other vendor technologies"

Hope to see you there

Webinar on PreEmptive Analytics tools on the 28th of May

A key requirement for any DevOps strategy is the reporting on how your solution is behaving in the wild. PreEmptive Analytics™ for Team Foundation Server (TFS) can provide a great insight in this area, and there is a good chance you are already licensed for it as part of MSDN.

So why not have a look on the UK MSDN site for more details the free Microsoft hosted event.

MSDN Webinar Improve Software Quality, User Experience and Developer Productivity with Real Time Analytics
Tuesday, May 28 2013: 4:00 – 5:00 pm (UK Time)

Also why not sign up for Black Marble’s webinar event in June on DevOps process and tools in the Microsoft space.