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My Christmas Message to the world

Like the Queen, I have recorded a Christmas message this year. Now I have no prior knowledge of what her Majesty will speak about this year, but I will lay good odds it is not about using Typemock Isolator.

On the Typemock site you will find a short video on how we at Black Marble make use of Isolator to tackle testing problems that do no lean themselves to traditional mocking patterns.

So if you are at a loose end over the holidays why not curl up with your loved ones and partake in this festive IT video.

Making a TFS2010 Beta2 server use SSL Ports

There any many good document on how to migrate a TFS server from it’s default ports of 8080 (tfs) and 80 (Sharepoint/Reports) to 8443 and 443, usuall to allow Internet access. A good place to start is Aaron Block’s post on the subject

I did find a problem whist sorting this on a system today, this was that although we had modified all the services to operate on the SSL secured ports the vaious TFS team project WSS sites were still trying to access reports on http://servername/reports not the new https://tfs.mydoman.com/reports url. The reason for this was that the tfsredirect.aspx cache needed to be cleared, WSS did not know we had updated the server.

Again I found a few posts on this, but they all seem to date from the Beta1 era and had the same problems i.e. an error was returned. Turns out that the URL to clear the cache is


Note the tf:Type parameter is ReportList and not ReportLists as most blog posts state. Once this clear cache was run the WSS Reports leapt into life.

Agile Yorkshire meeting - Kaban For Software Engineering

It is time again for Agile Yorkshire. This month the meeting is a usual the second wednesday in the month, but at a different venue - Old Broadcasting House (http://www.ntileeds.co.uk/old-broadcasting-house/)

The session is on Kaban For Software Engineering by David Joyce and Peter Camfield from BBC Worldwide, as lean seems all the rage at present this should be very interesting. Hope to see you there

A busy week of presenting

The interest in Visual Studio 2010 is growing, I am presenting at two events this week and have another day of less formal meetings on the subject.

The event on Thursday is the Architecture Forum in the North we are hosting with Microsoft, there are still a few spaces available is if you are interested in the learning more about new techniques and tools why not come along. You even get to hear me talking about using TFS as a Java developers via Teamprise.

Hope to see you there.

Post PDC Thoughts

I realised I never did another post after my first at the PDC, now what does that tell you?

One thing it tells me is that blogs are not they primary news form for events now, it has moved onto Twitter. Though as yet I am still lagging behind on this one, I have an account but no tweets as yet. I find there is too much noise most of the on Twitter, it is useful when at an event like PDC to get the buzz, but for me not day to day (though I know I am missing stuff because of this view)

For me the key story a the PDC as a whole was that the Azure fabric can extend into your IT systems using AppFabric. This means I can easily see a day where you write an application for an internal IT system that can dynamically grow to an Azure data centre when needed for load or disaster recover, all without any special coding model because the Azure/AppFabic is ubiquitous.

So a light PDC from the blogging front, but one for of future architectural promise

Oh one last thought, on past trips to the USA I have been to the Baseball, which I like, not that dissimilar a night out to one at the Twenty20 cricket. This time we tried Basketball, less to my taste. When watched live it seem the game play just gets in the way of the adverts and the other various audience participation entertainment. I have never seen a sport with so many ways to stop the clock (and for so long!). Looks like I need to stay with bat and ball games.