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Future for the Yorkshire XP Club

Times are a'changing for the Yorkshire Extreme Programming and Agile Methods Club, our local user group. There are plans to put the organisation on a more formal structure including a organising committee with the key aim to extend the groups appeal. In the past it has really been driven by the good works of the staff of Erudine, thanks to them for all the work thus far.

To facilitate these changes a new organiser Daniel Drozdzewski from Eurdine has put up a survey to find out what people want and is keen to hear ideas via the forum as he says we "want to bring more interesting speakers and topics, make it more organised and appealing to wider audience."

Make your voice heard

Getting Team Foundation Server to use a remote 64Bit SharePoint 2007 farm.

If you try to install the Team Foundation 2008 SharePoint extensions on a 64bit farm you get a 'SharePoint must be installed' error; I guess the installer is looking in the wrong directory for something to confirm SharePoint is there.

However, it seems the MSI is only installing some features that are not 32/64bit specific. So you can try a manual install of these features.

The notes on http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/teamsystem/aa718901.aspx give a basic guide, but these were written for the previous SharePoint so you have to alter a few paths, mostly 6.0 to 12.0 in the paths to the Web Server Extensions EXEs, and the templates have moved in Team System to [Program Files]\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\Tools\Templates

This lack of 64bit support is really starting to become a pain!

TFS Build Agent on Team Foundation Workgroup Edition

If you see 'TF215085 local build agent not authorized to communicate with team foundation server' when you queue a new build via Visual Studio, you would assume you just have to add the TFSBuild user to the team projects build group as the rest of the message suggests (right click in team explorer for the project and look at the group membership).

However this is not enough it seems if you are running a workgroup edition of Team Foundation server.  You also have to make sure the TFSBuild user is in the licensed users group for the team server (right click the server itself in the team explorer).

Now this could be an issue if you are pushed for users licenses, I suppose the answer is to use a normal user as the build agent's login user.