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Can't debug into a MOSS Webpart

I am doing some work at present where I need to debug into webparts hosted in a MOSS 2007 server. Never an easy set of debugging to get right.

To try to ease the process I wrote a WinForm test application that just calls the webpart method with test parameters so I don't have to go through all the pages I normally would to get to the feature I need, or manually have to attach the debugger to the Sharepoint web process every time.

I added this WinForm project to the same solution as my Sharepoint webpart, this should have allowed me to debug into the webpart project when the appropriate call was made from the WinForm, but it did not work.

Turned out the problem was the Network Service account did not have rights to the C:\Windows\temp and C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files directories. Once write access was granted the IDE was able to create the temporary classes to allow debugging.

SQLBits Community Conference

The proposed session list for SQLBits (to be held on the 6th Oct at Microsoft TVP) has been published. If you don't know, SQLBits is a free community conference in the style of DDD, but on just SQL related topics.

Just like DDD all the speakers are volunteers and the attendees get to vote on the sessions they would like to see.

So if you have any interested in SQL, or as Anders Hejlsberg said at a LINQ session I saw 'if you are a developer who uses data', why not register and vote for what you would like to see.

ps. My session is the last one on the list when I looked - not that that is a hint or anything over your voting intentions

Installing VS2008Beta2 from an ISO

I tried to install Visual Studio Beta 2 from an ISO today using the Virtual CD Rom tool. This mounted the ISO fine as drive Z: but when I ran the setup.exe I got an error that it could not load the SITSetup.dll, even though this was in the ISO.

I copied the contents of the ISO to my physical disk and reran the setup and all was OK, so the tip is mounted ISO don't always work as you expect.

Cannot create a new project in TFS - reporting services problem

I tried to create a new TFS team project today and got an error that the TFS server could not access the SQL Reporting Services server. I then checked I could access http://myserver/reports and this also failed. On looking in the event log I saw a number of EventID 107 'cannot connect to the report server database'

Now I was unsure what could have caused this, it was working last time I created a project! So check the update log on the server and found the only patches that had been applied since I last created a project, and that seemed plausible, were Visual Studio 2005 SP1 (which I thought was already on, but maybe it was just VS TFS SP1) and SQL 2005 SP2.

I google'd for the eventID 107 and found a Technet note that said to check the SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager. I did this and found on the database setup section that it wanted to upgrade the structure and rebuild the rights to my ReportsServer DB from version C.0.8.40 to C.0.8.54, once this was done all was OK again.

On read around a bit more it does seem to be an SQL SP2 issue, good old automated updates....