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Welcome to BM-Bloggers

Welcome to Black Marble's blog server. It is the home of all Black Marble's staff blogs and acts as an aggregate of all the Black Marble Development Team's Blogs

Andy Davidson's Blog - The Blog of Andy Davidson
Andy Dawson's Blog - The Blog of Andy Dawson
Ben Outram's Blog - The Blog of Ben Outram
James Mann's Blog - The Blog of James Mann
A day in the life of... - The Blog of Jessica Armitage
No Probalo - The Blog of Lauren Fear
Layla Copsey's Blog - The Blog of Layla Copsey
Lee Williams's Blog - The Blog of Lee Williams
Leon Nightingale's Blog - The Blog of Leon Nightingale
Geek Watcher - The Blog of Linda Hogg
Does not compute! - The Blog of Riccardo Viglianisi
But it works on my PC - The Blog of Richard Fennell
When software attacks! - The Blog of Rik Hepworth
Robert Hancock's Blog - The Blog of Robert Hancock
Do programmers dream in byte code? - The Blog of Robert Hogg - Boss
Tom Barnes' Blog - The Blog of Tom Barnes 

We also still host the archive of some staff who have moved onto to pastures new, or other associated with Black Marble but are not employees

From the Outside in - The Blog of Iain Angus
Calicowind - The blog of Cailtin & Naimh Hogg
Data Science - The Blog of Gary Short
Steve Spencer's Blog - The Blog of Steve Spencer
One bit short of a byte - The Blog of Jon Fowler