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Office artwork is always fun :)


Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

Top: Lauren (Me), Leon, Andy, Jim, Lisa.

Bottom: Rik, Robert (Boris), James, John and Tom.

I possibly should start updating this more often..

Christmas Houses

At the moment I'm working on the Christmas Cards - the backgrounds of these always take the longest. Somehow if a house doesn't look right it matters more than if a character doesn't..

This is one of the houses I drew today. Its loosely based on a Susie style etching from her times in Portland.


My First Post - by Lauren, age 23


Hello! This is my first post as a BM Blogger! I've been the Graphic Designer here for just over a year, although I do a little more than graphic design. The new BM Bloggers site templates for example.

Here I hope to post little examples of what I'm working on and the daft little scribbles that seem to end up on my page.

So.. I guess we'll have to see what I come up with..