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(Black Marble) Founders Day

Every now and again the founders of Black Marble meet up to discuss the future directions of the computing industry to help plan the road ahead for Black Marble. This year we chose Newport Beach south of Los Angeles.

foundersAlthough I can’t imagine why people would like to live near here. Andy has suggested that our next catch up should be in Hawaii, while I think that might happen, it is more likely to be at the Hawaii lounge in Cleckheaton, south of the M62


it was nice to catch up with Andy and Em. But how they cope with the people near here when this think this is normal.

odd and this one.

no comment

due to lack of camera in hand I did miss a photo of a dog with a bread roll costume which had a mustard and ketchup seam up the back !!!!!


The PDC is nearly here

A bunch the pride at the black marble are here ready and waiting for the PDC, we are all registered ( with the less than amazing shopping bag issued, better things to come ;) ), Robert , James and Richard


look in awe at the future

awe of thinking outside of the box

here’s looking to tomorrow.


Mix Remixed

I don’t visit the Mix community site often – historically, the content has been of little interest and infrequently updated. Imagine my surprise, then, to find a relaunched Mix Online with a new Microformats project – Oomph.

In short, it’s cool – a microformats extension for IE plus other goodies to help implement them, including a live writer plugin for creating hcards. Go check it out, and I’ll try to post more later…

TF53010 & TF213000 unable to load

I got this error when installing TFS 2008. In the error log I could see the problem was when the TfsGssInit.exe  was run, it said

Detailed Message: TF213000: A required user account could not be added during installation or repair of Team Foundation Server.  The installation or repair failed with the following exception message: System.TypeInitializationException…..

I found the answer in the TFS forum. The thread (and others) did suggest there were DNS lookup issues, but the thing that got it for me was removing VS2008 Team Client (and it’s SP1) from the server. I had installed these whilst I had been waiting for the IT department do some work in the SQL Data Tier. I thought I was saving times, I was wrong!.

I think the issue was the VS2008 SP1, but I removed both and the install of TFS worked OK.

TF220050 error in TFS install

Whilst doing a new TFS 2008 dual tier install I was getting a failure with a TF220050 error when I entered the data tier DB instance name. The setup wizard just said ‘failed to connect to data tier’, but you can find the actual error number in the install logs to be found under C:\Documents and Settings\[setup user]\Local Settings\Temp

This error seems to be just a generic low level ‘cannot connect to the DB’; in my case it was caused by one of two issues:

  • The SQL server I was pointing at was a SQL 2000 not SQL 2005 (I had been given the wrong server name) – the moral is always check the version yourself.
  • Also analysis services was not running on the SQL  2000 box.

So I am not sure which is the actual cause of the error message here, version or missing OLAP service In my case the fix was to just connection to the correct SQL 2005 instance.

DDD7 is now full

well it is a testament to the strength of the developer community that only hours after being open for registration DDD7 is now full. there is a waiting list and if you are at all keen on development I would urge you to add yourself to the wait list as this will greatly increase your chance of seeing me present on Oslo :)



Vista on Dell Mini 9: Using junctions to move files off the SSD

Flush with my success earlier in getting apps installed on the SD card now mounted as 'c:\SD Program Files' I installed a few things. I then hit a snag.

When you install apps using an MSI, the installation files get cached by Windows Installer. Steadily, c:\windows\installer gets bigger and bigger, so whilst my apps were no longer taking up space, the install files were (and some of those are quite large).

I now have an image of the Vista install so I'm becoming more cavalier. I wondered if I could move the Installer folder from c:\windows onto my SD card by copying it into the mount point, but still get Windows Installer to work as though nothing had changed.

So, first I used Robocopy with the /SEC option to copy the installer folder tree over. Next, I deleted c:\windows\installer and created a directory junction which allows the moved content to still be accessed as c:\windows\installer.

To create a directory junction, use the mklink command with the /J switch to create the installer folder in c:\windows and point it at 'c:\sd program files\installer'.

So far, it's working fine. I need to try a few more installs to be sure, though...