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Windows 8 Application submission error 4.1

I am just pushing applications through into the Windows 8 Marketplace. On checking the progress of an application it had the word “Failed”, being unfamiliar with this word I looked it up and it turns out to be some form of non success. Rushing to find out why this was the case I was presented with

Your app doesn't meet requirement 4.1. Learn more

hummm, the basis of this error is apparently my failure to provide notification and opt in of sharing personal information, hold on a minute my app is a game which hold NO user information whatsoever.

After some digging it turns out that the project had “Use Internet” turned on, which it turns out Microsoft has deemed to mean that connecting to the internet is the same as sharing personal information…..

so in summary, if you need internet access you need to provide a public privacy policy, if not turn it off. Microsoft needs to provide better terminology and notes on errors.


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