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DDD is Back for the 12th Time


After last year’s successful reboot, DDD is back in Reading for its twelfth outing, on Saturday, 10th of June.


Again DDD is free for all to attend, thanks to some great sponsors – and if you would like to be considered, please email

Our aim is to make DDD accessible to all, making it free is key to this but also leaves us limited budget for the nice to haves but we will always try.

I would love to see new speakers and new topics in the DDD line up, so please submit a session.  I’m afraid we can’t cover your costs, but so many great speakers have come out of DDD, many of them prized on the International Developer conference circuit.


Session submission has finished and so please vote on which sessions you would like to see @


I look forward to seeing you all in June and we will be announcing more DDD dates at the event



DDD North and IOT


Yesterday was the ever great DDDNorth. Huge thanks to everybody who came,helped, spoke and organised a great event, what a great bunch of people.

I must also thank the University of Leeds for their support in providing accommodation for the event.

A greater bunch of people where the self selecting bunch who came to Iain and my talk “The Internet of Things ,Thought about it? Now try it.”.

Thank you to everybody who came and congratulations to the people who won an Intel Galileo kit.

After feedback we will be running a follow up session in the next few months, I will be posting information on ISS as soon as I can.


Here is the main link for running Windows on Devices

For a sneak peek at ISS

To Help get Windows running on the Galileo Devices

Useful notes on remote shutdown

MQTT on Galileo


If you came I hope you had a great time and I look forward to seeing you at the next event


DDD7, OSLO Microsoft’s Vision for the future of Modelling

On Saturday I was pleased to have been chosen to present on Microsoft “Oslo” at Developer Developer Developer 7. The event was a runaway success and there will be more.

I would like to thank everybody who attended my talk and especially those who were kind enough to provide feedback ( good and bad ). The only downside was my Quadrant demo did not work too well as it was running especially slow and I did not demonstrate half of what I had intended but it turned out that my laptop had decided to run in extra slow power saving mode!!!

As promised I will be maintaining a canonical list of Oslo resources , papers , links and videos to help everybody move over to Oslo and I have promised to get some videos up within the next few weeks to a month on some of the key areas ( including the demo’s ).

The good feedback was mainly from people who are working in similar fields to DSL’s etc and could see the potential of the DSL side. from the other side it seemed to be mainly why was Oslo not Object Orientated, I had been quite careful in preparing the talk to try to cover this in some detail and so I will be posting soon a “Why Oslo is Relational” post.

I must thank Alan Smith from bloggersguides for a couple of slides and concepts that helped me shape how I presented Oslo (including but not limited to the 3 Dubs) and the ever enigmatic Doug Purdy, whom I have been fortunate to see present on Oslo several times over the last few months, for some good solid inspiration.

And finally I would like to thank Marjan Kalantar who provided the giveaways for the talk, which were gratefully received by the audience.

last of all the important links

The video I streamed was from

I would highly recommend a visit to the site of the ever wonderful Alan Smith

The Oslo Developers Centre

all of the links and more will be in the following post


thanks again to everybody who attended and if you have questions please feel free to ask



DDD7 is now full

well it is a testament to the strength of the developer community that only hours after being open for registration DDD7 is now full. there is a waiting list and if you are at all keen on development I would urge you to add yourself to the wait list as this will greatly increase your chance of seeing me present on Oslo :)



WPF Performance

When I was at DDS a nice chap asked me if I knew about WPF performance and the answer was no but I did do some digging and just for the record this is what I found , comments welcome.

Perf in WPF

Perf tools for WPF

the most important bit could be .NET 3.5 SP1

you need to make sure that the problem is not poor code performance ( your code )