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Can’t login to OneDrive desktop application on Windows 10

Whilst I have been on holiday my PC has been switched off and in a laptop bag. This did not seem to stopped me getting problems when I tried to use it again…

  • Outlook could not sync to O365 – turns out there had been some changes in our hybrid Exchange infrastructure, I just need to restart/patch the PC on our company LAN to pick up all the new group policy settings etc.
  • Could not login to OneDrive getting a script error


This second problem was a bit more complex to fix.

  1. Load Internet Explorer (not Edge)
  2. Go to Settings > Internet Options > Security
  3. Pick Trusted Sites and manually add the URL as a trusted site.
  4. Unload the OneDrive desktop client
  5. Reload the OneDrive desktop client and you should get the usual LiveID login and all is good
  6. Interestingly – if you remove the trusted site setting the login still appears to work, but for how long I don’t know. I assume something is being cached.

So it appears there have been a few changes on security whilst I have been away.

Devils with Arms and Cats - the new name for DevOps?

Great day at DDDNorth yesterday, hope everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to all the team who helped during the preparation and on the day.

The slides from Rik Hepworth and my presentation on ‘Living the dream - Real world DevOps with Azure and VSTS’ are up at Github

We were a late stand in session  to cover for a presenter who could not attend on the day. So I hope it was not too much of let down, that we were not the speaker on the agenda, covered a different subject and did not match the title the spell checker converted out session title too. Though ‘Devils with Arms and Cats’  is maybe a good term for DevOps?

As to the grok talk I did at lunchtime on developing VSTS extension with VS Code, there are no slides; but look at these past posts, building VSTS tasks with Powershell and putting a release process around vsts extension development they are on similar subjects.