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Let There Be Doughnuts!

Day 1078 in the House of Black Marble:

This time three years ago, I was a fresh-faced, just-turned 21 year old, going to my interview at Black Marble.

Today I turn the grand old age of 24 and I’ve been treated Black Marble style.


Heads-up we didn’t win the £1,000, so it’s still out there!

Young Coders on Channel 9 – Our interview on the top developer channel!

Whilst Niamh and I were setting up our interviews with the important people at Build, we were invited to take part in our own Channel 9 interview!!

This was an amazing highlight of the conference, and totally unexpected.  We got to speak to Seth Juarez, in the Channel 9 studio in the foyer of the Moscone centre – in the same place that Mary Jo Foley interviewed Don Box and just before Scott Hanselman was interviewed!

Plus, we go to sign the same ‘On Air’ board as all these amazing people :D

It was scary but also really great, and you can see our video on Channel 9! 

BuildBites – Martin Woodward and Teaching Children to Programme

Martin was keen to talk about the importance of how we need to encourage the next generation of programmers – he started at 6 – lots of the people we spoke to started young, not just in school but in the home too.  And was keen to talk about the level of satisfaction you get from programming.  Plus he talked about Minecraft and how inclusive it is – which I agree with, as I’m a huge fan!

Find out what Martin had to say.

BuildBites – Jeff Sandquist and Teaching Children to Programme

After Caitlin has interviewed Jeff on Build itself, it was my turn to come out from behind the camera and talk to Jeff about the importance of teaching children to programme, and what we can do to encourage teachers.  This is an important subject to me as when I’m in my Code Club at school, my teacher often asks me for help with the other students!

All the people we spoke to had great suggestions on resources for children and teachers, which we’ll pull together into one list on our website.

Find out what Jeff had to say.

Plus Jeff had some great recommendations of things to do in San Francisco!