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DDD5 Presentation - Team Foundation Server

I have just got back home from today's DDD5 conference. Time for some more considered posting later, it has been a long day, but I thought I would get my slide stack up as quick as I could.  You can find the Power Point stack (with the speaker notes included) at Papers, along with previous DDD presentation.

Thanks to everyone who attended my session, I look forward to hearing some feedback, but now some sleep I as up at 5am......

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eScrum 1.0

I have been looking at eScrum and first impressions are good. This is not the first Scrum process template for TFS, there is also the one from Conchango.

My feeling over the Conchango one was that it seemed very like the standard MSF Agile template, more a terminology rename. Hence it felt a bit 'clunky' to use and not too agile. Sticking to a 'post-it notes on a white board'  model seemed a better way to manage a Scrum sprint.

Now eScrum provides a revised project portal web site as well as the template, this seems about a light weight as you might managed with a computer based Scrum management, worth a serious look as a whiteboard alternative.

Attrice Team Foundation Sidekicks and Teamplain on TFS Orcas release

If you want to install TFS add-ins, such as Attrice Team Foundation Sidekicks and Teamplain, on the TFS Orcas release you have to install the TFS V8 Client (the one which is shipped with Team Foundation Server 2005). If you don't have this version both products fails to start/install as they claim they cannot find the correct assemblies.

Once you have installed the V8 client (as well as the Orcas V9 ones) both products work fine with Orcas.

Visual Studio 2008

Well it is out (the name at least) thanks to Daniel Moth a DPE here in the UK. I haven't heard the information else where but Daniel is very reliable. it must be said that everybody had already guessed , but it is nice to know.


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