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WiFi on the Acer Travelmate 2350

This one really got me. I was trying to get the built in WiFi working on a new Acer 2350. Windows XP saw the built in IPN2220 fine, but got no signal strength, but a Netgear USB WiFi worked fine in the same PC

After much fiddling and time on Internet I found the problem, there is a small black flight mode switch on the left hand side (near the audio connectors). Move this and the WiFI is enabled and all was fine.

Now it is not that there is a flight mode switch that is the problem, this is a great feature. The problem is that the user manual only mentions the switch on the diagram of port and buttons. I had stupidly thought that such as switch might be mentioned in the user manual index under WiFI; as far as I could see it was not mentioned at all in the index.

Is it too much to ask for a reasonable index, or do they expect you to read every page of the manual, as everyone knows you only do that, as I did, when all else had failed!




BT Callscape 100 SDK

Back in the dim and distant history of Black Marble we were involved in the development of an SDK for the BT Callscape 100, a serial port based Computer Telephony Intergration product. This SDK allowed Windows developers to make use of the CTI functionality of this BT product from within any application development environment that supported Active-X controls.

The Callscape 100 has long since been discontinued by BT, but it seems that there are some people still using them for a variety of specialist purposes (but this must be getting harder as the product was designed for Window's 16bit and a serial port, neither too common on current PCs!)

In January of 2002 BT gave permission for the source code of our SDK and all the supporting information we had to be made available free to any interested parties. This information used to be on our main web site, but was removed during a recent update.

Since it's removal a suprising number of the queries have rolled in from Callscape developers, asking where it has gone. So we have placed the files back on the web site. So the new Callscape page is where you will be able to find the following items:

and before you ask, this is all the information we have. The original 16bit Callscape hardware and sofware was produced by a company in Taiwan who provided to us little more than a few state diagrams and protocol formats. This information is in the source code.

So I hope someone finds this useful, maybe this blog can act as a discussion forum for any interested parties?


Microsoft Business Process Integration & Workflow Conference

Robert has jetted off to Microsoft in Redmond to take part in the Business Process Integration & Workflow Conference.

This is the event for partners to get up to speed on new and updated solutions for Business Process Automation, Integration Services and Workflow. He will be shown advance details about the strategies and technologies that will be launched over the next 9 months (including BizTalk Server 2006, Windows Communication Foundation (formerly code-named Indigo), and Windows Workflow Foundation (formerly code-named WinOE)). This is the partner event to get early information before these new products and technologies become generally available.

Robert will be bringing all that new found knowledge to bear early next year at our own BizTalk 2006 event! Look out for details.