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Tech Friday Morning

The Final Day at TechED

it's the final day at TechED, TechED has been great. Unfortunately I have spent most of my time in hall 8 which has poor wireless coverage.

Highlights (so far)


This year’s bag is a bizarre orange courier bag!

Express,Express,Express the whole of the visual studio product range now have an entry edition and they look very jolly.

Team Services, is Microsoft’s enterprise sized developer productivity tool, needless to say it will be trialed at Black Marble as soon as is possible.

 SOA is the current buzz word of choice; Don Box predicted that Business Agents will be the next. Don also took time to refute Joel (Joel on Software) ….


Rafal Lukawiecki presented a very good overview of the direction of MSF followed by Prashant Sridharan on Team system where he covered a few points on MSF schema's which are implemented in Team Services


For my own development I went to see Rafal present a 400 session on Cryptography which covered off a good analysis w.r.t the algorithms and implementation, I already have a strong background in cryptography but it was very interesting to hear another persons view including rollout and usage issues.

The best session of the day was by Clemens Vasters on state machines in multilayered .NET applications, which led on to many discussions for the rest of the night.

The only downside to the day was a poor party, 6000 Techies in a small (for the number of people) and very hot room.

However the best session I have attended was on 8th Layer Security by Steve Riley.